Vermed Ultrasound Gels and Accessories

Specially formulated to ensure excellent signal transmission, our high quality Ultrasound and ECG gels are water-soluble, non-greasy, odourless, non-irritant, alcohol-free, oxidants-free, salt-free, and contain no abrasives, available in both 250ml and 5 litres.

Nissha Medical Technologies | Healthcare Solutions offers a complete line of Parker Ultrasound Gels. From the most widely used Aquasonic 100, to Aquasonic Clear formulated especially for those with sensitive skin. We also carry SCAN Gels- a less viscous alternative to our standard offers.

NEW single bottle and re-designed three-bottle gel warmer warms ultrasound gel to body temperature. Durable wall mountable construction, with warranty. Available in 120V and 230V.

A soft, latex-free, disposable probe cover for medical ultrasound probes/transducers, pre-gelled inside with Aquasonic® 100 Ultrasound Transmission Gel. Fits most endocavity ultrasound probes.

We carry a complete line of Conductive Media and Electromedical Gels. From Spectra 360, a conductive gel, to TENSIVE a conductive adhesive gel to REDUX Electrolytic Pastes.
Designed for ease of use and comfort for both clinician and patient, these Transducer Belts have easy lock/unlock button holes, placed at intervals to obtain the most comfortable and safely secured CTG monitor position.

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