Sony Ultrasound Films

Sony ultrasound paper provides exceptional image detail and excellent resolution and longevity of the printed image. The UPP-110 series offers the following advanced features: high water resistance, head-matching performance, grey-scale reproduction, anti-electrostatic layer, minimal curling, high humidity and heat resistance, superior print quality and excellent tearing properties.

Ultrasound Film

Sony print media for Sony medical printers

When you’re trying to obtain the optimal print quality consistently, it’s tempting to focus on your printer hardware. And so you should. But your printer hardware is just one part of the process from image capture to image output. The choice of print media is equally crucial: the quality of a printed image, now or several years hence, can facilitate a diagnosis and serve as a lasting record. Sony medical print media is developed exclusively alongside Sony printers – each complements the other. Use them together and you’ll get the very best out of both.

Print Media Features

  • Black & White Media

  • Accurate Greyscale Reproduction
  • Built In Anti-Electrostatic Layer
  • Optimized Thermal Head Life
  • Excellent Image Quality
  • Colour Media

  • Reliable Feeding and Continuous Printing
  • Optimal Curling
  • Built In Anti-Electrostatic Layer
  • Maximized Quality and Longevity


Why Sony Print Media?

performance plus Electrodes




Print Media Guide

Sony Media Guide




SONY Video

Sony Video
Item # Sony # Description Printer Models More Information Add To Cart
2021977C UPP110HA High-Density Black & White Media • UP-880 • UP-890MD  
2019086C UPP110HD High-Density Black & White Media • UP-890MD • UP-895MD
• UP-D895 
0098226C UPP110HG High-Glossy Black & White Media • UP-895MD • UP-D895   
2019085C UPP110S Standard Black & White Media • UP-890MD • UP-895MD
• UP-D895 • UP-897MD
• UP-D897 
2026053C UPP210HD High-Density Black & White Media • UP-910 • UP-930
• UP-960 • UP-980 
31422960 UPP210SE Standard Black & White Media • UP-910 • UP-930
• UP-960 • UP-980 
0104937C UPP725 8 x 10 Print Paper • UP-D72XR  
2026054C UPT210BL Blue Thermal Transparency Film • UP-980  
0106885C UPT735BL 8x10 Blue Transparency Film • UP-D71XR  
0104325C UPC21L A6 Color Print Pack • UP-21MD • UP-21MD
• UPD23MD • UP20
0106244C UPC21S A6 Color Print Pack • UP-21MD • UP-D21MD  
32017150 UPC55 A5 Color Print Pack • UP-D55 • UP-D55MD   
4000588C UPCR80MD A4 Color Print Pack      

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