Mitsubishi Ultrasound Films

Ultrasound Film

Mitsubishi ultrasound paper is a high quality product providing good resolution for ultrasound diagnostic printing. This paper provides great image detail when used with Mitsubishi printers such as: CP-700DSU, CP-700DU, CP-700UM, CP-770DW, P-68U, P-90W, P-91DW, P93DW, P-93W and P95DW. Products should be stored in temperature controlled areas to provide the highest level of quality.




Item # Mitsubishi Description More Information Add To Cart
30957073 KP-65HM  
0105985C CK-800FL4P  
32017137 CK-700  
0106264C CK-900L4P  
0104170C CK-900S  
0106262C CK-900L  
4008756C CK-3020L4P    
32020914 CK-30L    
2023137C CK-700L    
2023136C CK-700S    
4006030C CK-800L    
4007230C CK-3812    
2019339C CK-50S    
0106263C CK-900S4P    
0106115C K-91HG    
2018832C K-61B    
2020731C K-75HM    

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