Vermed Ultrasound Films by Nissha Medical Technologies | Healthcare Solutions

Sony ultrasound paper provides exceptional image detail, excellent resolution, and longevity of the printed image. Sony offers the most trusted products to explore what is happening inside the body with great precision. Clinicians and patients always notice the difference.

Mitsubishi ultrasound paper is a high quality product providing good resolution for ultrasound diagnostic printing. This paper provides great image detail when used with Mitsubishi printers. Products should be stored in temperature controlled areas to provide the highest level of quality.

Available in both high-density and high-gloss formats, Vermed Ultra 110HD and Ultra 110HG are competitively priced thermal ultrasound films compatible with Sony medical grade printers. We spent several years working to perfect the image quality of our film and believe we have the best quality, best value product available on the market today.

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