Empowering Your Vision expresses the relationship of Co-existence between Nissha Medical Technologies, and our stakeholders. Both we and our customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and society have visions, and we mutually affect each other toward realizing it. We maximize our capabilities driven by our technology, passion, and leadership, and with the energy infused in us by our stakeholders, together create value for the future.

Brand Chart

The Empowering Your Vision brand symbol is inspired by the ubiquitous presence of the Fibonacci sequence in nature, such as the spiral patterns of flowers and shells. The design represents the expansion of Nissha Medical Technologies capabilities, of the visions we realize, of the new values we create. This chart expresses our ideals of Co-existence between Nissha Medical Technologies and our stakeholders—a relationship in which each draws the other nearer while together we unlock a world of possibilities.


Shared Values

Growth Based on Customer Satisfaction
We create new value for our customers and transform it into a driver of growth.

Commitment to Results
We set challenging goals for ourselves and deliver results.

Magnify Leadership
We exhibit leadership and resolve difficulties regardless of division or position.
Diverse Capabilities
We respect diversity that enhances our organizational capabilities and drives growth.

Sustainability Through Integrity
We value individual dignity and conduct fair business as a global corporate citizen.