Versatrode+ Snap 'n Tab electrodes are our most versatile electrode. Can be used with both a snap or a clip cable. This electrode provides the most flexibility and can be used in all departments of the hospital.

  • Electrode can be used with either a snap or an alligator clip
  • MR Conditional / Radiolucent snap
  • Suitable for all diagnostic procedures
  • Stays on patient throughout multiple departments
  • Hypoallergenic and non-irritating

VersaTrode General Cardiac Monitoring Electrodes

SimplySnap Offset electrodes allow clinicians to place the electrode on the patient first and then attach the cables. Because the snap is off to the side the gel is not pushed out of the gel well compromising the function of the electrode.

  • Offset connector minimizes artifact from patient & cable movements
  • Clinicians can attach cables while electrodes are on patient without compromising gel well
  • Wet gel provides quick reading & stabilization
  • Intuitive application process
  • Hypoallergenic and non-irritating

Bluflex ECG Electrodes

Item # Description Reference Material Gel Type Dimensions Usage MR Conditional More Information
4010429C VersaTrode Snap 'n Tab Electrode TSL-4532 Foam Wet Gel 45 x 32 General Monitoring - MR Conditional Yes  More Information
4010425C SimplySnap Offset Electrode OTL-5235-S Foam Wet Gel 52 x 35 General Monitoring No  More Information
4010452C SimplySnap Offset Electrode OTL-5235-SRT Foam Wet Gel 52 x 35 General Monitoring - MR Conditional Yes  More Information
4010423C SimplySnap Offset Electrode OTL-5235 Foam Wet Gel 52 x 35 General Monitoring No  More Information
4010453C SimplySnap Offset Electrode OTL-4227-S Foam Wet Gel 42 x 27 General Monitoring - Pediatric No  More Information

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