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An Electrode for Every Application

NMT | Healthcare Solutions ECG Electrodes are known throughout the industry as the leading choice for diagnostic electrodes. ECG Electrodes come in many different shapes and sizes. At NMT | Healthcare Solutions we offer a variety of Electrodes for all of your patient monitoring needs.

Our ECG Electrodes feature either a wet gel designed to stay fresh for up to 14 days or a solid gel designed to stay fresh for up to 30 days once opened and stored correctly.
Vermed ECG Electrodes Versatrode

Vermed’s VersaTrode™ line of disposable ECG electrodes by Nissha Medical Technologies| Healthcare Solutions are the ideal choice for all adult cardiac monitoring and diagnostic applications. Each VersaTrode™ is designed to work in all procedures: Stress Test, Long Term Monitoring, Short Term Monitoring or Resting ECG.

Reduce inventories by choosing one VersaTrode™ as your “House” electrode. VersaTrode™ electrodes are available in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes to satisfy your preference.

Swaro ECG Electrodes

Nissha Medical Technologies| Healthcare Solutions offers a range of Offset and Snap 'n Tab electrodes for ease of use in all settings. Offset electrodes allow for intuitive application process and Snap 'n Tabs offer the flexibility to use throughout the entire hospital

Swaro ECG Electrodes

Swaromed ecg-electrodes are pregelled (single-use) and have a silver/silver chloride sensor. All adhesive foams and types used in Swaromed ecg-electrodes are equipped with a hypoallergenic medical-grade adhesive that is non-irritating to the skin.

Tab EKG Electrodes

Nissha Medical Technologies| Healthcare Solutions offers a complete line of prewired electrodes for use in the PICU/NICU and other neonatal applications. Available in various sizes, including radiolucent leadwire options. Each electrode is carefully designed with gentle, hypoallergenic adhesives and soft conforming materials to ensure comfort and effectivenss on every young patient.

Tab EKG Electrodes

Nissha Medical Technologies| Healthcare Solutions offers a variety of Resting EKG Tab Electrodes. They are solid gel electrodes used with alligator style leads. Specially designed for 10/12 lead EKG Testing and Short Term Monitoring.

Swaro ECG Electrodes

Our LeadLocking electrode secures leadwires in place and prevents motion artifacts associated with movement of the snap on the stud. These electrodes have a wear time of up to 5 days. All Nissha Medical Technologies| Healthcare Solutions Electrodes are latex-free.

Tab EKG Electrodes

CLARAVUE™ Electrodes are pre-wired electrodes that are labelled and grouped to allow ease of placement and positioning. They help eliminate wire tangling while simplifying the connection - cutting down a 10 lead connection down to two connectors. They come in both a regular and a radiotranslucent style, and are suitible for long-term use.

Electrophysiology & Cath Labs
NICU & Pediatrics
Swaro ECG Electrodes

Vermed’s new line of repositionable disposable electrodes by Nissha Medical Technologies| Healthcare Solutions for use in Sleep Studies, EMG, NCS and EP. NeuroPlus 43 is a small (2.5 cm square), aggressive electrode designed for easy placement and superior adhesion. Specially formulated adhesive solid gel ensures full sensor contact and excellent readings.

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