Cardiology Chart Paper

Foetal Charts for Labour and Delivery

Foetal monitoring charts are a legal record of what happens during childbirth and every country has strict record retention requirements. Our foetal monitoring papers provide clear and accurate tracings ensuring the best care for your smallest patients and their mothers.

Our archival grade medical papers ensure high quality image longevity when stored properly.

Item # Manufacturer Reference For Use On More Information
30748696 Hewlett Packard  M1910A (40/CA) AMS IM77, HPM1350A, M1350A/B, M1351A ,M1353A, Series 50  More Information 
32021183 Hewlett Packard   M1911A (ARCHIVAL/25YR)    More Information 
32016831 Hewlett Packard   M1911A    More Information 
2000089C Sonicaid 8400-8003 Sonicaid Meridian -8000 / Oxford Team  More Information 
4003692C Sonicaid 8400-8003 Archival    More Information 
30597226 Corometrics 4305 (4305AAO) 115,116,118, 145,150,155  More Information 
30767589 Corometrics 4305BAO    More Information 
4001556C Corometrics 4305DAO Archival    More Information 
2023560C Huntleigh ACC15    More Information 
4003695C Huntleigh ACC15 Archival    More Information 
2025878C Huntleigh ACC66    More Information 
4003716C Huntleigh ACC66 Archival    More Information 

If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer service department at +44 1803 860100, or contact your local Sales Rep. In addition to the stock of every leading OEM chart paper, we can manufacture customer specific sizes and configurations with low minimum order quantities. Please contact us to find, or develop the chart paper for your required application.

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